We pay you cash for your Apple Trade-in device

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We will buy your MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iMac regardless of condition - No contracts - No strings attached - Cash in hand

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Get your Apple trade-in quote then cash in


Receive an instant trade-in value for your device at Apple's online Trade-in calculator. Send us an email if you would like us to quote your device instead. 

We also quote vintage apple products 2009 +

We'll locate the nearest public place of business e.g Starbucks etc


We will send a sales rep to the meeting place. Home pick ups available

Get paid cash


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Apple Trade-in VS SellMyMacNyc Trade-in

Apple store trade-in


  • Apple's trade in process takes up to 21 days to complete
  • Apple does not accept trade-ins at any Apple store
  • Apple only offers Apple gift cards or store credit as a trade-in value 
  • Apple requires you to pack and ship your device - and then wait and wait and wait........
  • By using Apple trade-in, you may lose the option for monthly payments towards your new product

SellMyMacNyc cash trade-in


  • SellMyMacNyc offers same day trade-in at any local place of business e.g Starbucks, coffee shops, Apple store, etc etc
  • SellMyMacNyc offers trade-ins for Cash, Paypal, Venmo, Cash app your choice
  • SellMyMacNyc accepts vintage Apple products which Apple no longer trades-in ( 2009 - forward )
  • SellMyMacNyc can trade-in multiple items up to any quantity
  • No packaging or shipping necessary. We handle all packaging necessary during the pick up
  • Use your Cash for anything you'd like, unrestricted freedom
  • SellMyMacNyc recycles unusable apple products for free

Together we are helping Renew the planet and its future inhabitants

We will wipe your data off the face of the cyber world


If you haven't wiped your data upon trade-in, we'll perform full data wipe using Apple's built in disk utility software. 

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